Request for support in circleci config which will pick a circleci runner if self hosted runner is not available.
e.g. Setup single self hosted runner. If it is available then pipeline should run using self hosted runner and if it is not then pipeline should use CircleCI Runner and complete its job.
There is a great number of suggestions on this feature request for github actions - (relevant issue -
I really like this one:
- labels: [self-hosted, linux-fast-machine] # try to pick this runner first
timeout-minutes: 0 # timeout for such runner
- labels: [self-hosted, linux-low-machine] # if not available, pick this runner then
timeout-minutes: 0
- labels: [ubuntu-latest] # if above not available, pick this runner last
timeout-minutes: 10
A feature like this would be extremely beneficial to startups looking to optimize existing hardware with CircleCI runners as backup.