I'm reaching out to request enhancements to CircleCI in two key areas that would significantly improve our workflow flexibility and configuration management.
Feature 1: Passing Arguments on the Orb Level
I propose the introduction of a feature that allows passing arguments on the orb level or, at the very least, passing a list to an orb job. This enhancement would provide users with greater control and customization when utilizing orbs within their configuration files.
I saw that a similar request for passing list was proposed before but no actions seems to be taken.
Feature 2: Dynamic Job Creation
Our team frequently uses the Helm template to dynamically build our CircleCI configuration. It would be immensely valuable if CircleCI supported dynamic job creation. For example, we have a job named "Integration Test" where users can specify Docker containers to enable. With dynamic job creation, users could pass parameters like:
enabled: true
enabled: true
And the generated job would reflect these parameters:
- image: mongo:latest
- image: kafka:latest
- etc...
These enhancements would significantly improve our ability to manage and customize workflows, leading to a more streamlined and efficient CI/CD process.
Thank you for your time and consideration. We believe these enhancements would greatly benefit the CircleCI community and look forward to your feedback.