So CircleCI Insights's dashboard shows "Median Queue Time" -- but:
does not show what is the period over which that "median queue time" was calculated (was that over the past hour? past day? past week?), and
does not give me the ability to configure CircleCi Insights's to calculate this over a different period (maybe I want to see over the past 2 weeks the median queue time...
It would be great if Datadog has that "median queue time" so I could graph that information as well as set up warning and alert thresholds.
I could also use:
"maximum queue time" so that I could monitor the longest a test execution has had to wait for a container -- for instance, if the maximum queue time measured over the past 60 minutes shows that one job had to wait 5 minutes for a container...maybe it's time for another container
"current queue depth" -- for instance, if the queue reaches 5...maybe it's time for another container
Thank you for your assistance!