We would love to be able to do something like:
  • run: brew install docker # <- Install the docker command line tools- setup_remote_docker- run: docker run -d myservice # <- Runs on the remote docker daemon- run: curl $(docker-machine ip) # <- (example) Request remote myservice
Our iOS workflow involves a couple of custom services, and it is extremely tedious to install and set them up on a macOS VM. We currently install the whole docker mac app inside of the executor each time, which works but takes up to 5mn (with cache)
This is inspired by the fact that
already "works" in the macOS executor but fails with the following error message.
Allocating a remote Docker EngineGot error while creating host: failed to create host: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = An internal error occurred when provisioning resources for this job. Provisioning Service returned status code: 403We had an unexpected error preparing a VM for this build, potentially due to our infrastructure or cloud provider. Please retry the build in a few minutes