Circle 2.0 has been a huge improvement over Circle 1.0 - thank you for all the new features! One thing that would really unlock a ton of power, though, would be adding support for conditional jobs.
Currently, in a workflow, you can specify "job B requires job A to succeed". But you can't author flows like "only run Job B if Job A succeeds, otherwise don't run it." There's a critical difference between these two semantics. In the first flow, job A is expected to usually succeed, and the build should be marked as failing if it doesn't. In the second case, Job A not succeeding is
and shouldn't cause the build to fail.
Perhaps an easy way to wire this would be to have jobs that aren't treated as "success" or "failure", but rather always succeed and just report the status to an environment variable. This would allow authoring a job that could kick off if a variable is set (or some similar mechanism)