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Support Dockerfile filename in gcp-gcr Orb

Currently, the official gcp-gcr orb doesn't have a way to specify the Dockerfile filename in its parameters. I'm talking about the `docker build ... -f Dockerfilename ...` option. This can be easily added to the current orb with a "dockerfile-name" parameter. And no, I'm not talking about the existing "path-to-dockerfile" option, which is nice but a totally different thing :)

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  • Apr 15 2019
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    17 Apr 16:16

    Hi there, please feel free to file a GitHub issue against that orb's repo so we can respond directly there and work with you to make this change (which seems fairly simple):

    I'll add a link to that repo to the orb's description, if it's not there already, so folks know to take questions like this directly to the source next time 🙂

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    17 Apr 17:08

    Thanks for the link to the GitHub repository - I actually looked for it before submitting the idea here but could not find such a link anywhere in the documentation. Will submit a PR for it as soon as I can 🙂