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Stickier default Organization or hide other organizations

CircleCI reads in all of the Github organizations that I belong to but I do not have CircleCI integrated with all of them.


Allow me to hide or define the Github organizations that I care about in the dropdown.


Today, CircleCI keeps switching to a useless organization in the menu when toggling between Jobs and Workflows and it's incredibly frustrating when all of the jobs disappear and it's not clear why -- forcing the user to use the mouse to select the Organization they're working in.


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  • Apr 9 2019
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    May 16, 2019 19:54

    This please. I have a few organizations and CircleCI always defaults itself to the ones I hardly ever use. I would like the ability to either:


    A) Pin & set defaults for organizations so that the default option chosen when logged in can be changed and remembered between sessions.

    B) A way to hide or disable other organizations in the list.