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Ability to toggle visibility of the value stored in a context's variable OR define it at time of creation

When developing workflows, the user is forced to store and carefully copy/paste context variable names and values from another document, because there is no way to show what the current value for the context is.  This is also related to the variables being immutable, but even so, if I was confident of a variable's value, I would not need to even delete it and recreate it in some cases(as in those in which I can verify that the value is correct).

The only workaround that I am aware of is to either restart a workflow that uses the context with ssh, and echo the variable in the shell, or to use the context in a dummy project that allows you to do the same. 

Another argument for this feature is that not all variables are sensitive.  Now that you can use multiple contexts for one workflow, it's conceivable that one would use one context that stores sensitive information like keys/secrets and an additional one to store non-sensitive environment information like regions, stages, etc.  This seems like a good compromise that might be easier to implement in case the obfuscated part of the value is encrypted on CircleCI's side.  

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  • Mar 20 2019
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