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allow users to signup / login using email, password

This is in relation to my question in forum:

Currently CircleCI requires user to signin via github / bitbucket and asks for read permissions for all the user's account.

It's not like I do not trust CircleCI but I’ve quite a few client project and I'm not authorised to give read access.
My clients use their own bitbucket / github accounts, they've setup CircleCI using their account.

I have access to source code as well as CircleCI account using my email.
But unfortunately CircleCI needs access to all project which I cannot do (it will be legal offence for me).

I believe this will be applicable to many developers.

So CircleCI team, can you please allow users to signup / login using email/password only?
If not, can you please allow users to log in at the minimum? 
(Let the Owner/Admin of CircleCI for respective account set the password for other users.)





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  • Mar 15 2019
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    March 19, 2019 07:29


    I need a login to Circle as an addition to the GitHub and BitBucket users. 

    At github we must pay for extra users if we want to give them view acces howeverd view access on github is not secure enough. We need to setup acounts and right directly in Circle as extra on the users from Github. 

    Second the administration and finance need to access the acount. These people are not on github as they are not part of the development team. 


    So please consider to make extra accounts available.