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Install VI in the images

When SSH-ing into a failed build, it would be nice to have VI installed in that environment

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  • Mar 4 2019
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    George Reyes commented
    04 Mar 17:52

    Hi! I was curious if the request was to install VI in all of our own docker images, or if the request was instead to install VI on any docker image whenever somebody presses the ssh button. The current workaround is to install VI on the docker images that you use as we don't want to make assumptions on what text editor you'd use. VI/Nano or what have you. 

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    Guest commented
    04 Mar 18:00

    Hi George, the request was to install VI in all of your docker images, as I want to use the official Circle CI images

  • Admin
    George Reyes commented
    04 Mar 19:10

    Hi! I chatted with the team, and they agreed that it would not be something that we want to include in our docker images at this time. The reason being that 99% of the docker images that go through the system would not be able to make use of vim or would not want the additional overhead of it being there. We did come up with an idea that should help address this without needing to put the overhead of vim on everybody. is the idea, and you are welcome to vote on it. 

    That being said, it this idea receives enough votes, I can take it back to the team and revaluate.