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ui/x for multiple workflows

When multiple workflows are kicked off by a commit, and especially when viewing the workflow graphs is desired, it can become difficult to navigate/understand/see all the work, at a glance, kicked off by a commit.


1. A view showing the progression of all the work kicked off by a commit

2. There should be an easy way to navigate to this view from a GH PR

3. A history view that to see commit-to-work mapping (workflows history view is de facto that, _until_ a project uses multiple workflows)

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  • Feb 21 2019
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    February 21, 2019 16:43

    I'm getting pushback on anything that tries to simplify the workflows because it's so hard to visualise what the results will be, that people are happier to stick with what we have than risk changing anything. So I'd love this! (Ideally I'd like it built into the CLI tool.)

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    February 21, 2019 17:37

    The good news is this is being designed now. The bad news is it will likely be a few months before it's fully released. If you look at the screen shot we teased at the bottom of this blog post you'll get a glimpse into how we plan to restructure the UI around a top-level element that will represent the triggering event and subsequent work -- this will tie all the workflows and jobs together into a unified UI (and in the underlying API).