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CircleCI Build/Deployment Integration with JIRA (Atlassian API updated as of Feb 1, 2019)

Atlassian recently added support to update the development tools panel using third party tools like CircleCi:

- Build Integration: To help your team understand where the development of a particular feature is in its life cycle, we're building new integrations that allow you to add build status directly to Jira issues. This information can come from Bitbucket Pipelines or any number of 3rd party release tools that your team may be using (such as CircleCI, CodeShip, or Jenkins).

- Deployment Integration: To provide your team with visibility of what environment a particular Jira issue has been deployed too, we're building a new integration with Bitbucket Pipelines and a number of 3rd party tools that will display deployment information, right on the issue. Everyone on your team can stay informed and better understand what has actually shipped to customers.

In the past this functionality was only available to Bamboo, but it looks like it could now be integrated with CircleCi and other tools. The relevant API documentation looks to be here:


Is this something that is on the roadmap? I also opened this up on the forums and was redirected to post the idea here:


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  • Feb 11 2019
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    February 12, 2019 05:54

    The Atlassian roadmap post only mentions Jira Cloud, but as a server user, I'd really appreciate it if any updated plugin also worked server-side.

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    June 14, 2019 23:11

    The Atlassian marketplace includes "server" support but doesn't provide the plugin?  What is the link?