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Ignoring "hold" jobs Status in GitHub

Add the ability to ignore status updates for specified jobs.

The use case for this is that we have an on-hold job that is optional. In GitHub it shows that the PR is still pending and 6/7 checks have completed.

This doesn't prevent us from merging PRs. It just prevents us from knowing which PRs were successful at a glance (without opening the details).
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  • Jan 11 2019
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    Guest commented
    16 Oct, 2019 04:23pm

    Need this badly. We use approvals to deploy builds to different servers. We only choose to deploy some jobs and only to certain environments. Due to this our GitHub builds can never pass. Gitlab CI has this functionality.

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    Guest commented
    13 May, 2019 03:40pm

    This, please! Is there any workaround?