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Improve the documentation with diagrams and more big-picture details

I think CircleCI seems like a nice product and I seriously tried to give it a try, but the documentation is really really bad in helping me (as a new user ) to get a mental model/picture for how i should relate to CircleCI and the build scripts and how CircleCI work. I know a container is started for each build, but do I create a container inside another container or how should I relate to this? So I gave up on Circle and selected another CI-product instead. 

I wished there was some documentation with diagrams, showing how a build works. I tried to watch the various CircleCI videos on Youtube but none of them gave me a good intro to CircleCI. The Orbs concept also feels confusing on the "Orbs introduction" page. 

I have done build-setups on the past and familiar with the container concepts.


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  • Jan 4 2019
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    15 Jan, 2019 07:17pm

    Hi, Thank you for this feedback! I will work on getting an illustration made for your request. Here is where we attempt to give you the picture(s) of how the pieces fit together today, more feedback welcomed: