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Allow GitHub check "details" link to be configured per Job

We are using Cypress.IO to code our end to end tests but this is relevant to many other frameworks.

The test results are collected on the dashboard, this is especially useful for parallel tests and joining results. The output on Cypress.IO is much easier to read than the text based output Circle CI sees and when we encounter an issue our developers use Cypress to find relevant debug information.

Circle CI reports to GitHub the status of a job, however the link in GitHub when you click "details" links to the Circle CI job that was run (see the image attachment for the link I am referring to).

I propose adding a configuration option in the circle ci config which allows us to manually set the URL posted to GitHub with status updates. This way when clicking "details" I could redirect developers directly to the test results on the cypress dashboard.

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  • Dec 20 2018
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