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Add an "Are you sure?" confirmation to the cancel build button

I once accidentally clicked the Cancel button while a build was happening , and it had some pretty negative side effects since I did it in the middle of our deploy to production - whoops!

It was a complete mistake, and I think builds are cancelled with enough infrequency that adding a confirmation wouldn't be too awful. 

Worst case, allow us to turn on/off the cancel confirmation alert on a per-user basis. I know I'd turn it on for myself, and I'd like to set it as the default for everyone on my team, too.


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  • Nov 26 2018
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    24 Jan 09:36pm

    This 100%, the cancel button is easy to accidentally click when trying to view a workflow. Those buttons should either be on opposite ends of the workflow card or have a confirm on the cancel.  Nothing is worse than accidentally cancelling a build that is 90% done when you are really just trying to see where in the process you are.