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Sort jobs in workflows UI

We don't display jobs in the order they're defined in config.yml, nor do we sort those jobs in alphabetical order.  Jobs are defined in config.yml using an ordered list, so this ordering should be preserved.

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  • Sep 5 2017
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    Guest commented
    September 07, 2018 21:32

    please consider this feature, its confusing seing some expected ordered jobs, to be in a random order every time I do a refresh in the page

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    Guest commented
    February 13, 2019 01:59

    Facing the same issue. This has been in the backlog for many months. Please help resolve it.

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    Guest commented
    May 31, 2019 18:26

    This is our single largest pain point as a new adopter with a complicated workflow.

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    Kate Catlin commented
    June 07, 2019 16:33

    Hi all,

    This is something we're currently debating. Right now, the jobs are ordered chronologically as they run. That can be helpful to some in debugging because occasionally there's an unforeseen dependency problem and a build fail is rooted in whether one job is running prior to another. However, I also see and understand the merit of a predictable order of jobs on your workflow map as well.

    I'd like to understand the process and mindset you're coming from in proposing this idea better. Would any of you be interested in doing a formal user-interview with us? This is a 1-hour recorded video call in which we'll preview our new UI designs to you and assess whether we've solved your problems. We're happy to share a $50 gift card as a token of our gratitude if you participate.

    If you're open to it, please book some time here:

    Thank you in advance, hope to learn from some of you.

    Kate Catlin

    Product Manager, Developer Experience

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    Guest commented
    June 27, 2019 21:02

    Just noticed this as well.  The lines get all criss-crossed no matter what order you put the jobs in the YAML file.  It would be nice if each parallel series of stuff stayed in its own "lane" so to speak.

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    Guest commented
    August 07, 2019 19:08

    Dear Kate,


    I understand where your concern comes from, but I think the current situation neither satisfies your desire nor those who want a "nicer view".  The order is not the "execution order" of the jobs, or at least it usually is a pretty random order , and then they are executed in a pretty random order (in our workflows at least).  But, even if it was the execution order, that only holds within the same "column" or "depth".  So if my jobs would have side effects that influence other jobs, I wouldn't see that order among jobs which are on different levels.


    This seems to be a purely UI issue. My humble suggestion would be to have two views on the ui:

     1. dependencies not shown, simple list of jobs, as they are being / were executed

     2. the current graph with keeping the order as defined in the config file if on the same level


    The 2nd could be made a little bit nicer with some vertical shifts, so that the lines do not cross each other unnecessarily, But even the simplest solution would be a huge help imho. 


    I am a bit annoyed with the current solution because of :

     - criss-cross deps, that are untraceable 

     - even if we have the same workflow, and I'm looking for a job, I always have to go through the whole list, and find the one I'm looking for. 


    The latter can be especially annoying if the job names try to be explanatory and long, or we use parametric jobs without the name parameter. 


    In my current scenario I'm experimenting with approval type jobs. Simple workflow, where I have 3 independent options (E.g. deploy to S1, S2, S3, etc.) I have a job for approval, and then a job that really does the thing.  This should look like: 


    Deploy to S1?  -------------- Deploy to S1


    Deploy to S2?  -------------- Deploy to S2


    Deploy to S3?  -------------- Deploy to S3


    Instead, it looks like this:


    Deploy to S3?  ------+------- Deploy to S1


    Deploy to S1?  ------+------ Deploy to S2


    Deploy to S2?  ------+------ Deploy to S3

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    Guest commented
    October 30, 2019 04:04

    Having the same issue. When it will be fixed?

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    Guest commented
    November 27, 2019 04:28

    Having the same issue. 

    it's really  terrible.

    When it will be fixed?

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    Guest commented
    28 Jan 18:01

    It's really not elegant :( 

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    Guest commented
    14 Mar 10:13

    CircleCI don't seem to be doing anything about this so I created a tool to help visualise complicated workflows. I find it useful - I hope it can help someone else too ?