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Relax build name rules


I'm really enjoying CircleCI 2.0.  With Circle 2.1, I'm getting a lot more inventive with my jobs, by reusing commands with various parameters.  I wanted to have a build called "2.13", but got this complaint from Circle:


2.13: string [2.13] does not match pattern ^[a-z][a-z\\d_-]*$


I then tried scala-2.13, but got the same problem.  I was able to get scala_2_13 to work, but it's unsatisfying.


Just a thought.


Thanks for Circle,


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  • Nov 2 2018
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    3 Nov, 2018 07:19pm

    Thanks for this feedback. We are hesitating to allow dots in job names because with orbs and other use-cases we can already see some pull for more granular scoping and expanding what's available during build processing. We can see a time when we'd want to allow the dot to signify some kind of scoping, so we're reserving it for now while those concepts percolate. We've also been trying to keep our data format agnostic to YAML itself as much as possible, and dots present challenges in other data formats.