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Zip test reports instead of uploading individual files

I have a test suite that runs in 2 minutes, but takes over 3 minutes to upload test result artifacts. Teach test result file is an XML that's less than 1 KB in size, and these could easily be zipped and uploaded as one file if Circle CI was smarter about it. We've observed an upload latency of roughly 0.5 seconds per file which would essentially disappear if the entire folder was archived & uploaded.

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  • Oct 24 2018
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    23 Nov, 2018 05:45pm

    This would be extremely useful in reducing run times overall. I also have test suites that execute in a fraction of the time it takes Circle CI to finish uploading the test results. Why isn't this a higher priority?

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    5 Nov, 2018 04:49pm

    Was also discussed here, with seven likes and 3 people commenting, so more votes should be taken into account.


    Nicolas Caniart says:

    Would you have ways to go around this ? Building an archive with the files isn’t good enough: it renders the files too cumbersome to access.

    So the ideal feature request would be that the recursive folder uploads create an archive for upload transparently, and that the files are still available individually in the artifacts tab.