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Show absolute dates instead of relative dates in the UI

"One month ago" is not really very useful. Show the actual date and time a build was run. Maybe use relative times for things less than 24 hours ago where a relative time provides at least some precision but for anything more than a day the lack of precision and difficulty of converting to an actual date to correlate with other sources means that real dates are much more useful.

ISO8601 formatted if you don't mind.

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  • Oct 16 2018
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    October 16, 2018 13:40

    Here's my use case:

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    Kunal Jain commented
    October 30, 2018 18:57

    Hello! We show the actual date/time on hover. Is that something that can work for you?

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    February 14, 2019 22:48

    @Kunal Jain Not really. The usual use case is something like "I can see that something weird happened at 2019-02-11 16:34:20 by looking at Datadog/Cloudwatch/Kibana/Grafana" and then I want to go see what builds were running then. Now when I get to CircleCI I have to think "OK, it's 17:23 right now, that means I want to look at builds that are....uhhhh.............50 minutes ago?" and then start mousing over builds to find the one that was actually running then instead of just scanning through.


    Now imagine this problem except instead of "50 minutes ago" the best precision you get is "4 hours ago" or "3 days ago" and you have to mouse over a very small target repeatedly trying to zero in on the build that happened to be running then.

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    December 13, 2019 19:02

    Just ran into this issue.  The hover trick does kinda work, but it's harder and non-obvious (I missed it until finding this issue).

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    03 Feb 10:19

    This is so annoying that you can't change this setting. The default should be absolute time!

    Please add an option to modify this in user settings.