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The ability (for an admin) to cancel builds on fork repositories

The reason we need this is because there are 2 conflicting usage of CircleCI in the team:
1. Because our builds are slow (we're working on fixing that), each of our developers are push to their fork which triggers a build on CircleCI, and evaluate their results later. Thus, the auto-cancellation is useful here when there are subsequent commits.
2. However, on the main repo (graknlabs/grakn) we have a queue of PRs, which are also slow because of our build. Sometimes it sits too long in the queue because there is a build of an individual developer running for their fork. Quite often we want the PR to be prioritised, and thus we want to cancel the developer's build on their fork manually when we need to prioritise the central PRs.
How can you help us do this?
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  • Sep 3 2018
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