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Enable build insights for non-default branch(es)

Copying feature request from the forum.

Story 1: chained dependencies

As a project maintainer, I would like to have build insights for long-running non-default branches, so that I can monitor autobump builds.

We have a number of projects that depend on one another. To ensure that changes in the base project don’t break upstream project builds, we have an automated job that bumps the dependency on the base project to the latest version, and kicks off a branch build. It would be great to see the status of these builds on one dashboard, but currently you can only see builds for the default branch.


Story 2: gitflow builds

It would be neat being able to specify other branches (such as staging, production), so that when PRs are merged on those branches it would trigger a build (and of course a deployment).




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  • Jul 18 2018
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