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Add a new Email Notification Setting for "Only for commits I pushed"

Please add a new setting for a user's Email Notifications, to the effect of "Send me a personalized email every time a job fails on a commit I've pushed, and for every failed job thereafter, until the job passes."

This added granularity is desired for the case where a user occasionally works on a project, but does not want to be notified of every failing build.

Also, please fix the notification bug where notifications are sent when a build contains both failing and passing jobs (eg. when jobs are run in parallel)! Notifications for parallel jobs within a workflow should not be sent until after all jobs within that workflow have finished. Otherwise, multiple fixed/broken notifications are sent, which is both overwhelming and unhelpful.

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  • Jul 9 2018
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    November 18, 2019 05:20

    yes please, Also show me email notifications for a project/branch combination that fails