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Telegram Build Notification

We use telegram for our team chat, can we have an integration so build notifications are sent to our telegram channel?

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  • Jul 5 2018
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    March 04, 2019 00:31

    You can use @bullhorn_bot in telegram, it receives slack compatible messages.  

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    July 23, 2019 02:45

    If anyone is still interested in this, this worked for me:

    1) Register own TG bot

    2) Find out your TG bot token and chat id you want to write into

    3) Use run: and unix command 'curl' in your configuration file to trigger method sendMessage (Google: telegram send message with curl)


    Everything stated above is easy to find on the internet. Basically just type in google these steps and you will get your bot message you whenever you want in your workflow


    P.S I also use circleci API to send me a link to the latest android apk release