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Start scheduled builds from the UI

We have a different setup for our nightly builds that are triggered by a cron ( If something fails and we want to test it without waiting for next automatic build, we currently have to update the cron, commit, push, revert the cron change, commit, push. It would be nice to have a UI to trigger these builds (Re-running them is not an option since it won't pick up the changes we made to fix the issue).

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  • May 24 2018
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    May 02, 2019 13:23

    We are also really waiting for this feature, we do run our nightly UI tests to Firebase Test Lab and a possibility for manual triggering this, would be really helpful! 

    In my opinion this is absolutely something that's missing in CircleCI, because you don't want to make Pull request for temporary changing the scheduled job during a day and bothering other developers.