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Allow to submit XCode UI Tests attachments (screenshots) with useful UI

Currently I can only submit screenshots only as artifacts (with `store_artifacts` command) and see them in artifacts section like in attachments (see scan-test-results contents). Screenshots usually are stored in "<derived data folder>/Logs/Test/Attachments" folder, and have UUIDs in their names instead of understandable name which could be used to match test and test step with the screenshot. Information about this matching containing in "<derived data folder>/Logs/Test/*_TestSummaries.plist" and is easy to parse.

It would be awesome if there will be some separate command like `store_uitest_results` which will receive test results folder as a parameter (or even do it automatically), parse plist file and create a Web page with all screenshots split by tests and ordered by their timestamp.

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  • May 11 2018
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