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Build email improvements and suggestions

Hi CircleCI,

I would like to give general suggestions regarding build email format and content which probably requires lot of improvements. Currently email:

-          Look and feel is not good

-          Email is not intuitive

-          So narrow in size (user has to put focus in center instead of in left pane)

-          Fonts are bad (use CircleCI site font in the email)

-          Top 10% top space when you start reading the message occupied by CircleCI icon (get rid of it or move it to left pane)

-          Unprofessional way email organized

-          Required blank lines for sections missing

-          Add feature to attach entire test summary (please!)

Let’s improve it, I’m strongly feeling when I start reading ciricleCI build related email; I just feel bored due to above parameters while reading build emails.

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  • Mar 26 2018
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    26 Mar, 2018 11:54am

    Find attached sample build email which says top, right and left side blank panes.