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Pay per use

I would like to have a CI that is always fast: when its busy it runs more in parallel, when its quiet it scales down. Like AWS autoscaling. Basically pay per use. Right now we have to run more containers, some of which will only be used during a few peak moments every month and feels like wasting money. This does not feel right.

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  • Mar 9 2018
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    11 Dec, 2018 04:11pm

    Or at least a decreasing price for extra containers.

    The current business model does not incentivize us to spend more.

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    2 May, 2018 05:03pm

    The good news is we are actively testing a new model that will allow pay-per-use. More details to come...

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    2 May, 2018 04:51pm

    Agreed, we would like a plan that includes a number of container-hours per month that scale to meet demand during the day and not have to pay when we're not running specs like on nights and weekends. We'd have fewer bottlenecks during the work day