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Allow workflows to trigger other workflows

It is often the case that there will be slightly different workflows for a project depending on branches (such as with PR and master branches) that have a job that is filtered early on in the workflow. Right now, an entirely separate workflow is required to make this work. ie A -> B -> (C, D, E) -> F for master and B -> (C, D, E) for PRs. I would propose that it would be best to be able to set up the master workflow to contain the other workflow. This would reduce duplication of the workflow code, which could lead to errors.

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  • Mar 6 2018
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    21 May 15:28

    I'm at KubeCon EU with a customer & he has a need for workflows that trigger workflows. I'm upvoting this on their behalf from the conference. Can we get a status of this idea?  Thx