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Provide Github Labels for Filtering

We'd really like to access github labels in a ignore/only filter statement (similar to git tags). This would allow us to:


  • Mark PRs that shouldn't be built at all (effectively preventing the PR from being merged)
  • Mark PRs to build and unit test, but skip the integration tests
  • Mark PRs for deployment to a specific staging environment

IMO, that would improve circleci's capabilities in multi stage deployment scenarios.


And, this has already been proposed here:

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  • Mar 6 2018
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    24 Oct, 2019 09:19pm

    This would be a great feature for CircleCI to have! Thanks for the link with a  script!

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    20 Sep, 2019 12:42pm

    Came here for this. I recently made a python script that creates and pushes a git tag that starts with "feature-", which CI deploy scripts use to create and update feature branch deployments. But wouldn't it be so much easier if Circle CI detected when a PR is labeled with something like `feature-branch-deploy`?

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    27 Jun, 2018 09:46pm

    AirMap's is looking for a similar use case for Github Labels. They would like to restrict workloads based on labels being used.