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Error notifications for scheduled and API triggered jobs

We have a couple of jobs that run on a nightly basis or are only started through the API. For these kinds of builds it would be great if I could get a notification email when they fail. Because they are not required it can (and did) happen that these jobs failed silently without anyone noticing until after the next release. 

With the current notification settings I would get emails for all the failed builds of my branches (thanks, GitHub is showing me that already) or simply everything that ever happens (good look spotting this error in there). What I want are notifications for the jobs that don't get this kind of visibility. 

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  • Feb 26 2018
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    3 Jan 09:32am

    We run nightly integration testing (when our runners are idle), and it would be great to get an email when these failed. The user email preferences are not fine-grained enough to take control over this.

    What would help is having a branch-filter for this in the notification settings, as I only want to receive emails when specific branches fail.