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Possibility using latest programming language version

### 1. Summary

It would be nice, if would be possible, that Circle CI can automatically set the latest programming language version, that developers doesn't need to set specific version.

### 2. Argumentation

I develop Python packages. I want, that my packages works on latest Python version. Part of my example `circle.yml` file:

    version: 3.6.3

When new Python version release, I need to change `3.6.3` to `3.6.4` in each my project, then I should change value to `3.6.5`, `3.7.0` and so on. It may take a lot of time.

### 3. Expected behavior

Example part of `circle.yml`:

    version: stable

Circle CI will be automatically use the latest stable Python version, what is available on Circle CI.

### 4. Not helped

1. I read, for example, [this discussion](, but I don't find, how I can solve my problem.


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  • Feb 5 2018
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