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Collapsed view of multiple projects for 2.0 workflow builds

After using 1.0 and moving to 2.0 for some projects, it is VERY noticeable how unusable the 2.0 integration is in the build tab. In 1.0 it was easy to see multiple projects and builds at a bird's eye view. With the addition of 2.0, a single 2.0 project clobbers the build view breaking out each step in a workflow when each step is part of a single build.

Ideally it would be nice to see the status of the single build and how many steps are completed with a total time. Then if you wanted to see the detail of each step, you could view the workflow detail of it.

The funny thing is the workflows tab for a specific project has the entire workflow collapsed with it's status and total time, so it's surprising that the build tab has each step broken out.

1.0 -

2.0 -

Workflow collapsed -

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  • Feb 1 2018
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