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Additional Metrics in Server

Metrics for Operators in CircleCI Server, accessible via a metrics service. For example:


  • # of requested builds: the number of builds that have been requested over a specific time frame.

  • # of failed/successful builds: we currently have "dead" (Nomad parlance) which accounts for successful and failed builds, can this be split into failed and successful?

  • # of CircleCI frontend accessed: the number of times The UI is accessed

  • # of users: this is available through the UI and REPL, could this be exposed as a metric?

  • # of projects: the number of projects building on CircleCI

  • # of times GH/GHE apis were called from CircleCI

  • # of times CircleCI APIs were called

  • # of jobs each nomad client are executing: we have an aggregate metric returned for jobs running across the cluster. would it be feasible to split this out for each client?

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  • Dec 2 2019
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