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Deterministic ordering of jobs in workflow dependency graph

Jobs in the dependency graph appear in a "random" order each run. This makes it slower and more cognitive load for a human to parse as the location of a particular job changes each time.


We believe the order is determined by the order in which jobs start?


Suggest that jobs are just ordered alphabetically, top to bottom

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  • Nov 18 2019
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    23 Feb 05:02am

    Please fix this. 
    It very annoying for jobs where we have a lot of manual approval steps(jobs)  in parallel environment.  In my case we have 40+ jobs wich deploy application to different servers (for different QA and dev teams). There are several branches which runs in parallel. Every branch has approvement step and several subbranches with  futher approvment steps.  It is VERY ANNOYING to see that in each  workflow invocation jobs are mixed in undeterministic order.  EVERY time I must search for my job and we FORCED to give long names for individual jobs. Because graph doesn't display dependencies in valid way. In UI we see the 'ledder' (see screenshot) instead if `tree`. 
       There are many visualization tools in market with can help to create valid tree. In my  case  (when each job has only one parent) - it is very trivial task to draw such three. I cannot understand why you ddin't implement this.