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Removal of 'Untested projects'

Once a project (in this case GitHub repository) has been followed by any user within an organization, it cannot be removed from CircleCI. You can 'Stop Building' it, however it will remain listed under 'Untested projects' on the 'Projects' page. As far as I know, there is no expiration from this list.

Historically we've had a number of employees unintentionally follow all repositories when configuring CircleCI for the first time. Each time we've used some variation of the script recommended in

Unfortunately, the ultimate result of this is an 'Untested projects' list containing thousands of projects for thousands of GitHub repositories. Typically our organization pages are prohibitively slow or fail to load entirely because the 'Untested projects' list is so large.

Is there a specific usability feature provided by the "Untested projects" list? How feasible would it be to give organization administrators the option to remove projects from this list? Or remove the list entirely?

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  • Nov 5 2019
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