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Open source workflows dashboard

We'd really love to have a workflow homepage for our organization on CircleCI. We have quite a number of open source projects building on CircleCI. Having a dashboard that any user can see at: would be highly appreciated!

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  • Oct 30 2019
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    October 31, 2019 06:35

    On this dashboard you'd want identically what's on the current workflows list? Is the audience people interested in following bleeding edge but aren't code contributors? Or people tracking their PRs? Is there some kind of summary report we could generate statically every X minutes/hours that would satisfy what you need from this?

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    October 31, 2019 16:14

    Yes, basically all the open source workflows would be great. The purpose is to demonstrate, like our GitHub org page, how committed we are to CI and how everything integrates together. The audience would be developers wanted to dive deeper into our ecosystem and using this dashboard as a discovery into our dev processes. (We have a few projects intermingled on CircleCI and I'd like to do even more of this - having one project trigger others, etc, to showcase what CirceCI can actually do). It doesn't have to be fully featured - if it was a static status page refreshed every half hour (say) that linked to all the workflows individually, that would work.