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Orbs should report how often they are used

As with other projects reporting the number of times their package was downloaded, Orbs should report how often they are being used in other build jobs. 


Just like how npm tracks how many times a package was `npm install`ed, it would boost the reputation of an Orb if its registry page would show how many times that Orb is being used. Since CircleCI handles public and private code bases, it would be nice to have a combined usage of both. 


It would also be nice to report more detailed usage to Orb maintainers, so they can focus their efforts on the most used features of their Orb. This could be a secondary feature.


And as all things, a status badge should be made available so Orb projects can boast how often their Orb is used on their GitHub.

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  • Oct 20 2019
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