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Link from Bitbucket to a Circle CI workflow rather than the build steps

Any way for the link from Bitbucket to the Circle CI builds to be to the workflow rather than the build steps?


Such that for one run of the workflow, the Bitbucket status would say "1 of 1 successful" instead of "6 of 6 succesful", and pressing it would take the user to the workflow view rather than the singular build steps?


I find it counterintuitive for it to link to steps rather than the workflow. I would expect the counter to be for times the pipeline has run, rather than number-of-steps x number-of-times-run. Also, it makes for a better UX to be linked into the workflow for that pipeline from Bitbucket and then perhaps investigate a specific step after having seen the overview in my opinion

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  • Sep 2 2019
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