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Better support for machine user keys



I originally submitted a request over support, because we are having a configuration problem for the majority of our projects. Our company has roughly 750 GitHub projects that currently for the majority over Travis CI. Our plan is to move these projects to CircleCI, but there's a problem with using specific SSH keys.

At the moment, the user setting up the project on CircleCI needs to either add a special SSH key to his GitHub account for checking out projects, or a special deploy key for checking out dependencies over GitHub.


What we wish to achieve is the possibility to add a special SSH key to a project (through CircleCI dashboard or Docker Image) and let the Circle CLI use this key to checkout all projects from GitHub, use the key for SSH access and use the key for installing Rubygem dependencies from private repositories.


The main reason is that we do not want to define over 700 different SSH keys for every developer just so that projects can be checked out or build using CircleCi. We tried to add the machine key under the SSH Permissions section of a project and rely on the "add_ssh_key" statement, but this does not work.

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  • Aug 23 2019
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    August 24, 2019 03:16

    Yes, yes yes.... please let us use global keys at a Context or Global level!