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Add more metadata about workflows in API

It would be really useful to have metadata endpoint API about workflows.

Now you have to apply own logic to get things like status of a workflow etc.

It would be really useful to have direct access to this data using something like: 

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  • Jul 26 2019
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    Nathan Dintenfass commented
    31 Jul 05:46

    Check out our new v2 API, now in public preview:

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    Guest commented
    31 Jul 10:49

    Wow, that's great.


    Would be possible to add start of execution timestamp? This would be useful for calculation of workflow execution time.

  • Admin
    George Reyes commented
    01 Aug 20:42

    Hi Samo,

    V2/workflow/:id has a `created_at` field that could be used as a general approximation of when we are starting the execution process. Would that suffice?



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    Guest commented
    19 Aug 07:38

    Hi George,


    yeah in most cases it would, but we have a workflow with approval. In case of approval created_at could be way off and would need to implement additional logic at our side to calculate accurate timing.