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Nested Stages are Linear (not nested) in Blue Ocean Pipeline Visualisation, but should be nested like Parallel Stages

I've got a lot of build steps. Three build configurations to action across multiple satellite projects as well as the main product.These three configurations require the same steps to be taken with different parameters. As such, I have grouped stages for configuration X under a parent stage ('X'), stages for configuration Y under stage('Y')

When I use Parallel stages, I can see in the pipeline visualization in Blue Ocean that the parallel stages are within a parent stage. This promotes understanding of what is happening/why to someone who isn't a maintainer of the Jenkinsfile.groovy pipeline script, i.e. someone who isn't me.

The same isn't true for nested stages: parent stages are simply illustrated as a previous stage. This is a shame, as I have altered my pipeline script to group related stages together. It's also misleading, indicating that a stage has completed, when its child stages have in fact not completed.

Please make Nested stages appear to be children of their parent stages in the visualisation in Blue Ocean to reflect the nature of the jenkinsfile, it would promote understanding of what the build is doing,....and also reduce the amount of horizontal scrolling required!

I have attached a sample jenkinsfile.groovy that should illustrate the concept of what I would like to see reflected in the jenkins visualisation.

If you've any questions or I need to clarify anything, please do get in touch at the email provided.

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  • Jun 20 2019
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