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Checksum key template should accept wildcards

The checksum key template accepts one file (see, but I have a long running task that depends on many files leading to long cache keys that grow longer for each file added as a dependency. 

- restore_cache:
      - v1-dependencies-{{ .Branch }}-{{ checksum "hyrax-batch_ingest.gemspec" }}-{{ checksum "spec/test_app_templates/lib/generators/test_app_generator.rb" }}-{{ checksum "lib/generators/hyrax/batch_ingest/install_generator.rb" }}-{{ checksum "lib/generators/hyrax/batch_ingest/templates/app/views/hyrax/dashboard/sidebar/_repository_content.html.erb" }}


My particular scenario is a Rails engine which builds a test application that needs to be rebuilt if any of the generators or generator template files change.  A workaround was offered by a CircleCI employee (, but it would be much nicer to have checksum support wildcards.  The above could then be simplified.

- restore_cache:
      - v1-dependencies-{{ .Branch }}-{{ checksum "hyrax-batch_ingest.gemspec" }}-{{ checksum "*lib/generators/*" }}
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  • Jun 4 2019
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