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Slack Notifications for Workflows Requiring Approval

Currently, we utilize holds on our workflows to require a pair of eyes to check on deployments heading to production. While a great feature, it is often unclear when jobs are stuck in a "hold" unless you're glued to the CircleCI console and are acutely aware that a build is being executed on a branch that even needs an approval.


It would be very handy to receive notifications for workflows in a "hold" status, as well as to even approve them through Slack!

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  • May 9 2019
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    09 May 20:20

    You could send a slack notification at the end of the job after which there's an approval, with a link to the workflow.


    Something like this (using official slack orb):


    - slack/status:
    success_message: "Please approve next job:$CIRCLE_WORKFLOW_ID"
    failure_message: "Failed to build."
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    04 Sep 19:53

    The notification to slack with the ORB is easy to setup but it still adds a friction point, it would be really neat to be able to approve directly from slack.