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Improve processes for providing new Xcode images

A new version of Xcode is a big deal. It often provides updated system frameworks, latest swift version, better tooling etc. For many this means that having access to the latest version is essential for their workflow.

Downloading and installing a version of Xcode as a part of the integration is a slow task so it is required that CircleCI provide an image with the version of Xcode preinstalled.

I've listed below the time it has taken for the last 3 Xcode versions from Apple release until they were available. CircleCI is the slowest among its competitors to provide new images.

Xcode 10.2.1
CircleCI: currently 14 days and still not available
Travis: 4 days
Bitrise: 3 days

Xcode 10.2
CircleCI: 18 days
Travis: 4 days
Bitrise: 2 days

Xcode 10.1
CircleCI: 8 days
Travis: 2 days
Bitrise: 1 day


Please note that I appreciate the work that CircleCI is doing and in other areas they provide a superior experience than the competitors and I understand that the task of providing a new image might be time consuming currently, however I see much room for improvement from a customers perspective and I hope you'll consider making this experience better.

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  • May 1 2019
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