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Cancel build for the same commit on different branches

We often fast forward our master branch to a developers private (feature) branch, that has been built already.

This would run the build again for the master branch, though we already know that this commit builds fine. It should be configurable to turn off such unnecessary builds. Ideally, one could configure the branches that should always be built, even if the very same commit was already built successfully.

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  • Apr 25 2019
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    July 24, 2019 23:52

    Agreed, this would be very useful. It's a waste of time and resources to build the same commit if it already passed on an earlier run (even on a different branch). If the commit failed before, rebuilding is okay to work around random failures (e.g. a flaky test or an external dependency being unavailable for a moment, etc.)

    I think a setting to opt into skipping repeat builds of the same commit would be great, and would allow people to stay with the current behavior of building the same commit multiple times if they so desire.